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  1. Chirping/Screeching noise coming from front of bike and I can not figure it out !

    SV Doesn't Mean Silicon Valley
    'So in the last few days I've noticed this chirping or screeching noise coming from the front of my bike. I am going to describe the sound the best way I can Ill start the bike and let it warm up as usual and not jumping on and going until it reaches about 95 degrees and that's when I go...
  2. The Touratech Trophy

    Europe and the U.K.
    The TOURATECH TROPHY is a BRAND NEW part of this years annual TOURATECH UK TRAVEL EVENT (taking place between 4th – 6th May 2013 in Ystradgynlais, South Wales). Basically the trophy is a friendly competition open to all no matter your ability or what type of bike you ride, testing all types of...
  3. This is it people, the 2012 riding season is officially over for me here in Northern

    The Long Road - Adventure Touring
    This is it people, the 2012 riding season is officially over for me here in Northern Utah. We had a great year on the Vision logging in a little over 13,500 miles. The beauty of Utah and all surrounding states is second to none. Next season we plan on riding all Southern Canyons and the Grand...
  4. RoadRUNNER Annual Touring Weekend 2013

    North America 5 - Southeast US
    Hey guys, just wanted to let you know about a great motorcycle gathering in NC. For the past seven years RoadRUNNER Magazine has had an annual touring weekend where riders from all over come together to hang out and ride. Here's a video of some of the rides from last years event...
  5. Do you ride at night? is it safe?

    Motorcycle Polls
    Recently I had a conversation with a rider, he told me that he prefers not to ride at night. Personally, I don't mind when it's dark: there are less cars. if you choose 2 or 3, I'd like to see your comments on why do you think it's uncomfortable or unsafe and a type of your bike. EDIT: "no"...