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  1. The Boulevard
    Hi all, I am looking into purchasing a 2008 Suzuki S83 1400GL. I love doing work with the bikes I purchase such as pipes, air intakes, and jet kits. I heard these forums are very friendly and informative. If someone can help me out by posting some of their choices for pipes and air intakes that...
  2. The Boulevard
    My 2005 Suzuki S83 won't start normally. Thought it might be the battery, but it's charged up (checked with multimeter). I jumped the starter relay and the bike started. Got a new starter relay but no change. It will start every time when I jump it with plyers, but when I try to start with the...
  3. The Boulevard
    I am trying to decided which windshield to get for my 2008 Suzuki boulevard S83. I'm open to suggestions. If you have a picture of your S83 with the windshield. Please post your pic with the brand and model.
1-3 of 3 Results