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seat lock

  1. Suzuki GS500 1989 Seat Lock broke/damaged please help!

    Hello all, I have a Suzuki GS500 1989. I went to charge up the battery after the winter season and could not get the seat off. I actually broke my key in the process. After getting a new set of keys made I am still unable to remove the seat and access my battery. The seat lock can...
  2. 1972 Honda CL450 Seat Lock Jammed. Thoughts?

    Mechanics Corner
    Hi Everyone, I'm a new member, and I have an issue with the seat lock on my 1972 Honda CL450. I know some of you have the same/similar bikes, so I was hoping one of you might know how to deal with this. Seat lock seemed to "pop" when I turned the key last, but seat did not disengage and now...