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  1. Buy / Sell / Trade (archived but viewable)
    Does anyone have an aftermarket seat for '07 M50? Was looking for mustang but will consider others. Please message me here or email me [email protected] Thank you!
  2. New Member Pitstop/Introductions
    Hello to all, I just bought an M90 2014 Boulevard. I also have a a 2005 S40 LS650 thumper. Luv em both. Joined this site after looking at other sites. Most aren outdated and not current.
  3. Buy / Sell / Trade (archived but viewable)
    Brand new Harley Sundowner seat $250 firm incl shipping. never used ($330 new) After accident I never got back on the has the slot for the rider back rest. Fits '08-'14 touring bikes and trikes.
  4. Suzuki
    Hey all. First time bike owner, got a 2004 V-strom DL1000 at a great deal from a friend. Standover height is a little tall for me...does anyone know if the OE seat on the DL650 is shorter than the 1000? That extra couple of centimeters would help. Thanks!
  5. Suzuki
    Hi all! I ride a '83 Suzuki GN250 with original seats. I want to install a backrest for the passenger, what do I need to be looking for/can this be done with this model? Thanks for any suggestions!
  6. V-Star ship the enterprise
    Hi All, I hope I can explain this with proper terminology. I have a 2001 V Star 1100 Custom and last week a few things went, let’s say, badly. I went camping and it rained a lot over the course of the weekend, when I went to start the bike on Sunday morning it cranked over a couple times...
  7. Buy / Sell / Trade (archived but viewable)
    Found these wrapped in plastic in a box while cleaning out the garage. $50 for both, anyone interested? I need to get rid of these!
  8. Buy / Sell / Trade (archived but viewable)
    I took these off pretty much right after I bought the bike new. Not sure why I held on to them this long, but I was cleaning out the garage & they've got to go. Both are new, maybe used a few weeks while the Mustang arrived. $99+shipping OBO.
  9. Buy / Sell / Trade (archived but viewable)
  10. Buy / Sell / Trade (archived but viewable)
    For Sale is what the title says. It has been on my bike for 9 months and is in nice condition... I have kept it waxed up and recently ran a swirl remover so it looks good. But its Red and I want to get rid of it because I am about to order a Cobra backrest and will put the OEM seat back on...
  11. Buy / Sell / Trade (archived but viewable)
    Fits 2005-2009 Suzuki Boulevard M50 I bought my motorcycle at exactly 4000 miles with this seat already installed. I had them switch the seat back to the factory one at the dealership on the day of my purchase because I am personally not very interested in the flame pattern, but to each his...
  12. Buy / Sell / Trade (archived but viewable)
    FS: Saddlemen Explorer Seat for Suzuki M50 Brand new. I bought by mistake and need a different model seat. Location: Raleigh, NC $250 = shipping stock picture For M50 The Explorer combines showbike quality with two-up touring comfort, making it the perfect choice for your next trip...
  13. Marauder M50 Secret Hideaway
    Hey Everybody, First time posting to the forum but a long time reader. Lot's of good stuff. Thanks. So I am a proud owner of a 2005 M50 Black and love this bike. I am in the process of moding the bike to make it my own. So far I have added an OEM windshield and debaffled the exhaust. Next I...
  14. Mechanics Corner
    Hi Everyone, I'm a new member, and I have an issue with the seat lock on my 1972 Honda CL450. I know some of you have the same/similar bikes, so I was hoping one of you might know how to deal with this. Seat lock seemed to "pop" when I turned the key last, but seat did not disengage and now...
  15. Buy / Sell / Trade (archived but viewable)
    I am looking for a new seat for the M50. I think I want to go with the Corbin and was seeing if anyone is interested in getting rid of theirs. I'd be open to others if they are available. Thanks.
1-16 of 17 Results