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    Hello to all, I just bought an M90 2014 Boulevard. I also have a a 2005 S40 LS650 thumper. Luv em both. Joined this site after looking at other sites. Most aren outdated and not current.
  2. Harley Sundowner Seat for sale

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    Brand new Harley Sundowner seat $250 firm incl shipping. never used ($330 new) After accident I never got back on the has the slot for the rider back rest. Fits '08-'14 touring bikes and trikes.
  3. 2004 V-Strom 650 OE seat shorter?

    Hey all. First time bike owner, got a 2004 V-strom DL1000 at a great deal from a friend. Standover height is a little tall for me...does anyone know if the OE seat on the DL650 is shorter than the 1000? That extra couple of centimeters would help. Thanks!
  4. Back seat

    Hi all! I ride a '83 Suzuki GN250 with original seats. I want to install a backrest for the passenger, what do I need to be looking for/can this be done with this model? Thanks for any suggestions!
  5. V Star 1100 Custom - Clicking Under Seat, Not Firing.

    V-Star ship the enterprise
    Hi All, I hope I can explain this with proper terminology. I have a 2001 V Star 1100 Custom and last week a few things went, let’s say, badly. I went camping and it rained a lot over the course of the weekend, when I went to start the bike on Sunday morning it cranked over a couple times...
  6. FS: Boulevard M50 stock rider and passenger seats.

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    Found these wrapped in plastic in a box while cleaning out the garage. $50 for both, anyone interested? I need to get rid of these!
  7. FS: 2007 Boulevard M50 stock rider and passenger seats.

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    I took these off pretty much right after I bought the bike new. Not sure why I held on to them this long, but I was cleaning out the garage & they've got to go. Both are new, maybe used a few weeks while the Mustang arrived. $99+shipping OBO.
  8. Corbin seat for M50 $250

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  9. FS: Rear Seat Cowl for M90 (Red)

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    For Sale is what the title says. It has been on my bike for 9 months and is in nice condition... I have kept it waxed up and recently ran a swirl remover so it looks good. But its Red and I want to get rid of it because I am about to order a Cobra backrest and will put the OEM seat back on...
  10. Suzuki M50 - Saddlemen Profiler - Tatoo Flame Motorcycle Seat

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    Fits 2005-2009 Suzuki Boulevard M50 I bought my motorcycle at exactly 4000 miles with this seat already installed. I had them switch the seat back to the factory one at the dealership on the day of my purchase because I am personally not very interested in the flame pattern, but to each his...
  11. FS: Saddlemen Explorer for M50

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    FS: Saddlemen Explorer Seat for Suzuki M50 Brand new. I bought by mistake and need a different model seat. Location: Raleigh, NC $250 = shipping stock picture For M50 The Explorer combines showbike quality with two-up touring comfort, making it the perfect choice for your next trip...
  12. Sissy Bar for the M50

    Marauder M50 Secret Hideaway
    Hey Everybody, First time posting to the forum but a long time reader. Lot's of good stuff. Thanks. So I am a proud owner of a 2005 M50 Black and love this bike. I am in the process of moding the bike to make it my own. So far I have added an OEM windshield and debaffled the exhaust. Next I...
  13. 1972 Honda CL450 Seat Lock Jammed. Thoughts?

    Mechanics Corner
    Hi Everyone, I'm a new member, and I have an issue with the seat lock on my 1972 Honda CL450. I know some of you have the same/similar bikes, so I was hoping one of you might know how to deal with this. Seat lock seemed to "pop" when I turned the key last, but seat did not disengage and now...
  14. WTB: M50 Corbin Solo Saddle, with or without pillion

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    I am looking for a new seat for the M50. I think I want to go with the Corbin and was seeing if anyone is interested in getting rid of theirs. I'd be open to others if they are available. Thanks.