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  1. Question about a wider tire 86 VT Shadow 700

    Only the Shadows Know....
    I'm looking for a little bit wider of a rear tire on my bike. The one I have now only has a couple inches of grip actually hitting the pavement. It's my first bike, so I'm fairly new to all of this. But I carry my girlfriend on the back pretty often, since its my main mode of transportation...
  2. won't start. electrics out

    Mechanics Corner
    Hello, I have an 01 Honda shadow sabre. Went to start it and it turned over once clicked and all the electrics shut off. Turn the key over no lights nothing. Checked all fuses and theyre ok. Don't know where to go from here. Please help, thank you
  3. 07 shadow tire question.

    Hey guys, new here, couple questions. My dads bike is a 2007 shadow 750 and he was needing a front tire and he asked me if if was tubed or tubeless. Now before i go any further let me just say that my bike is a 2009 harley sportster and it has a steel, spoked front wheel and runs a tubeless tire...
  4. Honda Shadow VT750C2 idling issues PLEASE HELP

    Mechanics Corner
    Hey guys, I am new here and just bought a 2009 Honda Shadow VT750C2 the other day, and cannot seem to get it to idle off of the choke. The bike also hesitates/bogs/sputters when I lightly give it throttle, or am riding at low RPM's. The owner that I bought it from bought it brand new in 2009...
  5. Old Rider Seeks New Bike Advice

    The Paddock
    Hello I am a new member and need advice on getting a new bike in the near future. I am 44 and have ridden bikes for 20 years starting on an old Honda 70cc trail bike and winding up on a 86 750 Honda Shadow back in 1995. I have put nearly 100K on the trails and highways and usually rode about 4...
  6. 84 VT700C clutch parts?

    Having a hard time finding what I need. I'm looking for a clutch kit, or seperate components. Needing all the friction discs, as well as the spring kit. May also need the clutch plates themselves. any know of a good source? Maybe links?
  7. 2008 Honda Shadow Spirit vs 2007 V-Star 650 Custom

    Hello: I am new to biking, just completed MSF course and got my M1. For a starter bike I have narrowed down to the 2 bikes which are currently available in my town. Both have very low miles (Shadow has 1600mi; V-Star 800 mi). Shadow owner asking $5200 but I should be able to get it for $4500...
  8. Help... Recently bought 2002 Honda Shadow 750 and need some help!!

    Only the Shadows Know....
    Purchased the bike at a steal... but is there anywhere out there we can use the VIN to find out more information about our bike without crazy costs... Also would like maybe to download owners manual! Thanks!
  9. First Ride im just 5'7, undecided suzuki c-50 or shadow aero 750

    Hello everyone, im from venezuela, im about to buy mi first ride i am undecided between c50 or shadow aero, i have riden an shadow aero and i feel comfortable with the size im just 5´7, but i have heard that the c-50 is better my only concern about the c-50 is that seat height is taller than...