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  1. 2009 Vstar 650. Engine removal

    New Member Pitstop
    Have a problem going into 4-5 gears. I assume to the transmission. Lots of videos available TP help remove the engine... is there a short cut to the transmission, without removing cylinders?
  2. Shifting on Motorcycles and How to Stop Confusion

    The Paddock
    Hi, first post! I don't currently own a motorcycle but am planning on getting a yamaha r3 some time in the near future. I have never driven a manual transmission but understand how they work in cars theoretically. However, for motorcycles, if lets say you are in fifth gear and need to stop...
  3. Suzuki Intruder 1400 clutch issue.

    Mechanics Corner
    Been working on getting my 1996 Suzuki intruder running. I'm getting it fired up and running great but it cuts off when I try to shift into first gear. Checked/bled fluid. What next?
  4. '80 GS450L Clutch Question

    Mechanics Corner
    So I received this bike as a gift from a friend. Just got it running decently, finally idles without the choke. When I received it, It had a broken clutch cable. What might cause a clutch cable to break besides age and wear on the cable? I took the cable housing off and threaded a piece of cable...
  5. VStar 1100 will NOT shift

    I have a 2003 V Star 1100, that will not shift.... I just finish replacing the Starter Clutch with the Updated version, and now I can not get the tranny to shift. Shifted fine before the Starter Clutch project. Last year I removed the side cover to replace the Stator coil, and had no...
  6. Shifting Questions and possible problem

    Sportbikes & Sport-tourers
    OK so im a new rider with a 1992 Suzuki GSXF750 Katana, i just got a lot of work done on it, like 700 bucks worth, which included carbs, tank cleaning, fork seals, oil and some other stuff. I understand the concept of shifting from a theoretical standpoint but i believe im having trouble...
  7. Yamaha SR185

    Mechanics Corner
    Hey, my brother has a Yamaha SR185, I believe it's a 1980, but I honestly can't remember, which is somewhat sad because it used to be my bike. That's somewhat irrelevant though. My question is, he says it has a problem that it either can't shift into second gear or can't shift beyond second...
  8. 06 Shadow Aero 1st gear problem

    Mechanics Corner
    I only have 5500 miles on bike I put about 2000 on it. I bought it used last summer and didn't have any problems at first. I have a problem getting it into 1st periodically after riding bike for about 20 minutes or so no problem when cold and the clutch seems to let out at the very end. If I put...
  9. Manual Lever Shift Installation on FJR1300 AE?

    Sportbikes & Sport-tourers
    Hello everyone, I purchased a FJR1300 AE with electric shifting and after riding the bike a bit I found out that I do not like the automatic shifting, and would prefer to switch back to the standard lever hand shifting. Would anybody know how to install manual hand shifting like on FJR1300 A ...