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  1. Spark Plugs

    The Boulevard
    Novice and learning... 2008 Suzuki Bully C50. I have a Clymer Manual and ordering a few things for the bike. I have no idea how many Spark Plugs my bike takes. Need some help. Thank you
  2. 1980 gs550 no spark whatsoever

    Mechanics Corner
    I have a 1980 gs550, I am not bike expert, but feel like I can diagnose problems regularly. However, I was riding down the road and my bike suddenly died. I couldn't get it started and realized I was getting no spark whatsoever, so I started running through a list of items I thought it could be...
  3. What to do if you start up with a wet spark plug?

    Mechanics Corner
    Hi, I have a rather newbie question: My bike is '96 Suzuki RF 900, and what I'm about to ask happened a couple of times, although ideally it shouldn't but I'd like to know what to do in this case anyway. In a cold condition I start the engine with choke fully closed, it starts up fine and...
  4. 2006 suzuki m50 20k miles shuts down decelerating/ stutters at speed. Random.

    Mechanics Corner
    2006 SUZUKI M50 20000 MILES, Shuts down during deceleration or sputters slightly at speed then runs fine. Its a little worisome being downshifting and decelerating when the engine just shuts off. T he gas is full I am replacing the Spark Plugs again. It has no FI error light nothing is...