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  1. The Boulevard
    Novice and learning... 2008 Suzuki Bully C50. I have a Clymer Manual and ordering a few things for the bike. I have no idea how many Spark Plugs my bike takes. Need some help. Thank you
  2. Mechanics Corner
    I have a 1980 gs550, I am not bike expert, but feel like I can diagnose problems regularly. However, I was riding down the road and my bike suddenly died. I couldn't get it started and realized I was getting no spark whatsoever, so I started running through a list of items I thought it could be...
  3. Mechanics Corner
    Hi, I have a rather newbie question: My bike is '96 Suzuki RF 900, and what I'm about to ask happened a couple of times, although ideally it shouldn't but I'd like to know what to do in this case anyway. In a cold condition I start the engine with choke fully closed, it starts up fine and...
  4. Mechanics Corner
    2006 SUZUKI M50 20000 MILES, Shuts down during deceleration or sputters slightly at speed then runs fine. Its a little worisome being downshifting and decelerating when the engine just shuts off. T he gas is full I am replacing the Spark Plugs again. It has no FI error light nothing is...
1-4 of 4 Results