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    Deleted thread. Not sure where the delete option is.
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    Serious riders, great sport tour14, 000 miles, loaded accessories. [email protected] way to contact me.I can email photos.$6700Local pickup only KY
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    I am in need of some advice! I'm looking to buy my first sport touring bike and I need something with comfort and durability. It is my first bike so I am not looking to "break the bank" but I also don't want to buy a cheap bike that won't last. Shoot me some suggestions of bikes that you...
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    I was riding with my girlfriend on my bike today and noticed when I took off in 1st and 2nd there was a clicking that seemed to come from under me. It would only do it in the low RPM's and for about 3 seconds in each gear then stop. Seemed to be about one click every 1/2-3/4 seconds so about 3...