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  1. Suzuki M90 vz1500 issues/stalling

    The Boulevard
    Hey folks new to this site. The internet is not kind to me when I try to research the Suzuki M90 and issues that have come across or the various non-existent aftermarket parts so I just wanted to touch base. First ill cut to the chase- it was the kick stand sensor. The stand mount is ground...
  2. Stalls after revving and when stopping

    Mechanics Corner
    I recently bought a 2007 Suzuki SV650 and it's my first motorcycle. After buying it i replaced the chain and did some minor tuning up to make sure the bike was in a good condition before i rode it. On the first ride the bike stalled multiple times when cold and warm. I've checked all the fluids...
  3. S40 engine cuts out when downshifting

    Mechanics Corner
    Hi, this forum is worth it's weight in gold! I wonder whether anyone has any bright ideas for my newest issue:2005 S40 Boulevard with just over 2,000 miles on it (bought two months ago.) I noticed that now that the weather is getting colder and wetter, my bike will cut out when I downshift...
  4. 83 Suzuki gs450ga (suzukimatic) overheating problem and starting from idle problem

    Hello all! If anyone has some suggestions that would be awesome. Bought the bike as a commuter bike, I'm fairly new to cycling and wasn't looking for a project bike. Turns out I got a small project on my hands. :/ It runs awesome for the most part, except it seems to overheat when I take it...
  5. 2005 Suzuki S40.. Backfire,

    Mechanics Corner
    Hi, I am a complete noob. I just got a 2005 S40 with 1535 miles. It obviously sat somewhere for a while. First day, it backfired twice when I rode it home...after a few miles. Called sales guy who told me not to worry, bike has sat, no biggie. I put about 200 miles on it, filled up with ethanol...
  6. 2006 GSXR 600 Stalling

    Mechanics Corner
    Hi guys, I rode my 2006 GSXR 600 300 miles through non stop heavy rain the other night. Now the bike will not idle without stalling. I've never had a problem with the idle level and it usually sits around 1300. As of right now it is idling around 900, but I did not adjust the idle level...
  7. 2009 GS500f low idle/stalling/wont start

    Mechanics Corner
    This is my first post. I bought my first motorcycle about 2-3 weeks ago. A 2009 GS500 with 3600 miles on it. The bike was about 160 miles away. Rather than put it on a trailer I decided to ride it home. It rode great. No problems no complaints. I then went away for a few days and let it sit...
  8. Stalling when stopping GS500F

    Mechanics Corner
    This problem is really frustrating, when i downshift to stop coming to an intersection the bike dies every signal time. Sometimes even while I'm coasting i'd hold down the clutch and the engine would die. what i've done, emptied the tank of the old fuel it stood with and burned off the rest...