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  1. DT100 - just quit running - looking for insider knowledge and help

    hey everyone... I've got one of those unsolvable mysteries with one of the bikes, my '76 DT100. So i spent a couple dozen hours this winter cleaning it up, running through the elect system, replacing goodies including carb, rectifier, treating tank, plug, etc. A month or 2 ago it started up...
  2. 2000 vl1500 start problem

    Hey guys im kinda new to this so dont bash me for posting in the wrong thread. Anyway, I have an intruder that wont start. I can jump the starter and get it to start so I know it is not the decompression. Im getting power to the relay but not quite sure how to check if i am getting power to the...
  3. Katana 600 turns over great... But will not start.

    Mechanics Corner
    I have a 98 katana 600. It's ran great for the past year however just 2 days ago I brought it out for a spin and was unable to start it. It will turn over just fine and once in a great while it actually will sputter into a start for about 5-10 seconds then shuts off and will not even sputter...
  4. Help please!

    The Paddock
    Hey Everyone, I just purchased an '81 GS750E and seem to already have problems. The bike was running when I purchased it, just leaking oil from the head gasket. As soon as I got it home, the bike would not start. I noticed the petcock was on prime when I got home so I figured the engine...