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  1. Vstar 650 wont start

    I have an interesting problem. My vstar was sitting for a while. I got a brand new battery and put in new fuses. Now the bike will crank but won't start and the gauges and lights won't turn off unless I disconnect the battery or the main fuse. If anyone could help I'd appreciate it
  2. 2003 vstar 650 won't start

    V-Star ship the enterprise
    Hi all, new to the forum, signed up because this seems like the place to find out about vstars. Been rocking a virago bobber for a minute, 1995 frame and suspension with a 1989 powerplant and tank/seat from an '82. I love my virago, she is my baby girl, but since there is no 2up chicks don't...
  3. 1991 suzuki intruder 750 start up problem

    Dear biker friends, I have an issue! A while ago when attempting to start my suzuki intruder, the started stopped running and all I was getting was a clicking sound, after some research I found that starter salenoid might be the culprit here, so ordered a couple of those things online from china...
  4. New Starter Available

    Only the Shadows Know....
    I have a new starter for the Shadow Spirit. The bike was totaled for other reasons before the starter could be installed. I don't need it and I am willing to give it to anyone willing to pay the cost of shipping. I live in Corpus Christi, TX.
  5. GS 500f Starting issue

    Mechanics Corner
    I have an issue with my 05 Suzuki GS 500f not starting without me clutch starting it. This issue started after I tightened the chain. For a few weeks before this, I'd had trouble starting but I could eventually get the bike to start just my turning the handle bars for a while and continuing to...
  6. Intruder VS800 Loses all power at start - HELP!!!

    2003 Suzuki Intruder VS 800 Been having this problem, I hit the starter button hear a loud click and lose all electrical power to the bike, (no lights on dash, headlights, etc). I turn the key off and on and still get no power. First time this happened I took it to an autoparts store and the kid...
  7. 1988 Intruder Starting Problem

    Hey Everyone, I have a 1988 Suzuki Intruder (750) and I can't get the started to kick the engine over, it doesn't even move! This is a rebuild of a rebuild so I'm not sure how well all the electrical is connected but I had it running well for a few months. About a week ago I got stuck in a rain...
  8. 1985 GS300L Starter idler

    Hi, new to the forum here, I have a 1985 Suzuki GS300l that needs a starter idler gear. the teeth are all stripped off the original in one section. The problem is I cannot find them anywhere and the ones I do find are over $100! I find this very odd when I can find similar starter idlers for...
  9. Honda CD250U starter motor problem... Thoughts?

    Mechanics Corner
    I have what sounds to be a starter motor problem. Bike makes a scrapping and sometime screeching noise when I start it. After starting and warming up the bike stops making the noise the next time I start. Make an oil and grease of starter? Video of start and explanation here...
  10. Baffled by startimg issues

    So I have a 97 suzuki marauder that will not start. I hit the starter button and it just clicks. I changed out that battery and the starter solenoid but it is still just clicking. I'm new to riding and have run out of ideas. Can anyone offer up some advice on this before I roll my bike off a...
  11. 2007 VStar 1100 starting problem

    Mechanics Corner
    I have posted a video below of what is going on... any suggestions? I have been told the fuel pump, and starter cluth possibly. Also there is a ticking noise when the bike is running, everyone says valves BUT the bike only have 6000 miles on it. Could a bad fuel pump cause the ticking? Thanks!
  12. 2008 gsxr 750 won't start after full exhaust change!

    New Member Pitstop
    Sorry for posting this here wot let me post in maintanence and I can't get the bike to start after hours of trouble shooting. I've checked all of the connections I've installed a power commander 5 I've charged the battery and made sure I followed the directions step by step. I got the bike by...
  13. Suzuki Marauder won't start

    Mechanics Corner
    Hello Everyone, I have been doing some internet searching the last few days regarding my problem and seems like this forum has some knowledgable people so I'm hoping I can get some direction on my problem from you guys. I have a Suzuki Marauder VZ800 2001. I have gotten the Hard To Start and...
  14. Suzuki GS400t Starter and Turn Signal Issues

    Mechanics Corner
    Hey Everyone, Earlier today I approached a light on my bike and stalled getting ready to turn left. I attempted to start the bike again but the starter solenoid only clicks and the engine doesn't turn. Additionally, when I turn on the bike all lights work but my left turn signal doesn't blink...
  15. Help needed with a CBX250RS-e

    Hello, I recently purchased the above, and it seems to have a shredded idle gear... does anyone know where i can get one? im at a loss.... i heard rumours it shares the same part with the Honda this true? its an electric start model.... 1986 ..... any help appreciated, thanks -Matt
  16. gz250 wont start

    Mechanics Corner
    i got a 99 gz 250 ive been fooling with as my first "rebuild" and i have some issues. first off, i have to jump the starter off the battery to get it cranked. when i hit the start button, not a sound. secong, shes been sitting for 6 years. ive changed all the fluids and the only thing i havent...