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starting issues

  1. 2000 Kat 600, Wont start

    Katana Planet Emergency Shelter
    hey all, 2000 Kat 600, Sitting for almost a year, i attempted to start it, and this is how far ive gotten: oil and oil filter change, brand new battery, drained out old gas, added in 1 gallon new gas, new fuel line hose, new fuel filter, new spark plugs. Im getting enough power, cranking, but...
  2. Lookin for answers

    New Member Pitstop
    What's up everyone. Have a couple of questions that I can't seem to find answers anywhere to. I have a 1993 cbr 900rr. I bought it off of a friend for cheap it ran when he jump started it but I got it to my place and didn't think about it and jump started it off my running truck. Then it just...
  3. '95 GS500 has mechanics stumped

    New Member Pitstop
    So, my Suzuki GS500E cut out as if it wasn't getting fuel all of a sudden when I was riding on the freeway, with only a little warning with the bike reducing power slightly then going back to normal at the start of the ride. It wont start at all now, I can't get any signs of fuel getting into...
  4. Starting issues. Maybe fuel pump?

    CBR Pit
    Hello I have an 04 cbr 600 4fi. First of all I am assuming the noise made after you have the ignition on and then flip the kill switch is the fuel pump priming? Kind of a winding sound. I've had issues with the the bike since I bought it. The original owner cut out all the wiring for lights and...
  5. S50 Amateur, Starting Problem

    Just joined the forum. Hoping to get some advice.Had my 2007 S50 for almost 4 years now, bought it brand new in 2009. Always had to choke my bike hard to get it warmed up. Had some electrical problems initially and replaced the battery (which required extending my leads, neither here nor there)...
  6. Vstar 1100 starting problem...need some help

    Mechanics Corner
    Hello all, First off I just bought this bike, it is a 2007 Yamaha Vstar 1100 with 6000 miles on it. It ran wonderful for the first week, but then after trips usually longer than 30 minutes, the bike would have a problem starting back up when hot/warm engine. I have only had a problem with it...
  7. 2007 GS500 First summer after winter storage

    Hi new to the forum here. I bought a used 2007 gs500 last summer and road it till september when I had to put it away because I was leaving for school. I cleaned it, changed the oil, ran some fuel stabilizer through it, disconnected the battery, and put it away on its center stand till last...
  8. 2001 marauder weird starting issue

    Marauder M50 Secret Hideaway
    I have scratching my head for about 2 months now trying to figure this out. I got this bike for very cheap and it had been sitting for supposedly 6 months. I cleaned out the carbs and to put in a new fuel pump and the bike ran fine. I have riden 4 thousand miles on it since I first bought it in...