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starting problems

  1. 1997 Suzuki Intruder 800 Starting Problem

    I have a 97 Intruder 800 that's not starting. The headlights, taillights, brake light, and turn signals are not working and it will not turn over. My guess is a bad ground or a short in wiring. Any ideas?
  2. Vulcan 900 Won't Start

    Mechanics Corner
    OK, so I was riding home from lunch yesterday and had to pull over. I shut the ignition switch off as well as the kill switch (by habit). Upon starting it back up again after doing what I needed to do, It would not start but just clicked rapidly. I checked the kill switch and flipped it off and...
  3. 2002 VZ800 Marauder Electrical Problems

    I'm having an electrical problem with my bike that has me perplexed. A couple of months ago I was unable to start the bike. I had electricity, all the lights were on, etc. but when I pushed the starter I got absolutely nothing except a slight dimming of the lights (occasionally there would be...
  4. Starting Problems Checklist ?

    Did a search for a starting trouble shoot checklist and have not found one on here so I'm starting a thread. If you know the link to such threads, please post here. My 80' cb750c is not starting unless I hold the starter button and roll the throttle and if it does start running, it cuts out...
  5. Starting problems

    Mechanics Corner
    Hello everyone, OK very frustrated. I have had my 1998 Intruder since it was new and ride very little. Have 5500 miles on it right now. Over the past 3 years have had techs replace the starter relay since thye bike would not start. Finallt 6 months ago brought to a Suzuki dealer who stated all...