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  1. Looking at Buying a 2005 Goldwing, with only 6000 mile, but stored for 8 years

    The bike has been in storage for 8 years. guy had a Stroke and hasn't been able to ride. said it was started and new gas added. guy is looking to sell it for around NADA price. my problem is not knowing how many problems i will be looking at. other then the basic. the bike if fuel injected...
  2. 2007 GS500 First summer after winter storage

    Hi new to the forum here. I bought a used 2007 gs500 last summer and road it till september when I had to put it away because I was leaving for school. I cleaned it, changed the oil, ran some fuel stabilizer through it, disconnected the battery, and put it away on its center stand till last...
  3. Bike been sitting since '07. What should I do before trying to start?

    Mechanics Corner
    I just bought an '05 Suzuki GS500F with only 1400 miles on it. The bike has been sitting in a storage shed & was last tagged in '07. I got the bike & a replacement title from the State; no keys. I'm in the process of getting a key cut. It's safe to assume the battery is dead...... What do I need...
  4. winter storage

    I live in NYC & was wondering, what should be the process for storing my bike for my first Winter in NYC.
  5. 12 month storage

    The Paddock
    Hi all, I am hoping to get some advice on how to store my 05 Katana 600 for about 12 months. I am going on a 1 year national guard deployment and my bike will be stored in my shed. I have asked around and gotten various opinions on what I should do but would like to get opions from here in case...
  6. a bike from 2006 and just 1000 miles... bad?

    Hello, I'm considering buying a bike (Suzuki M50) from 2006 which only has about 1000 miles on it. Which means the owner rode it very occasionally and mostly stored in his garage (in Los Angeles), and I don't think he took any special care about filling the tank up etc. Can the bike be actually...