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  1. Suzuki S40 Shocks

    New Member Pitstop
    So I got my first bike, a 2013 Suzuki S40, a couple months ago and was wondering how to adjust the rear shocks. Should I adjust them or get them replaced? Some articles I've read say the stock shocks are pretty crappy, and if so what's a good choice and size? I keep bottoming out when I...
  2. suspension adjustment LC-1500

    The Boulevard
    This is probably an old question but I can't find any information through a search. Is there any way to "soften" the suspension. I found that I can reduce the shock absorber level on the rear suspension using the threaded adjustment nuts, but is there a way to reduce the shock absorber/spring on...
  3. Lowering Links - 2000 GSXR 600

    I need some help on lowering my bike. I go online and try to look for options however, I don't know which ones to choose. Some lowering kits come with 3 parts others come with 2. Could someone please direct me on which one to buy. I don't know if this helps or not but, I am 5'4" and my toes are...
  4. shock/spring adjustment kz750

    Tips & Training
    kz750-h1 has an adjustment for the rear springs where there es a stepped turning adjuster for adjusting the ride height/spring/shock ratio. I would like to get myself a battle axe for the back seat so the tire doesn't spin under hard acceleration/passing, I just wanted to know what some ideas...