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  1. "M" Poses for the Camera #8

    This is my favorite shot of "M" she look mean.
  2. "M" Poses for the Camera #5

    Kuryakyn Driving lights with Amber LEDs in the light bar, and Kuryakyn small Bullet turn signals
  3. "M" Poses for the Camera #6

    Barron Radius Drag Bars 2 1/4" along with Kuryakyn Grips.
  4. "M" Poses for the Camera #3

    I liked the look of the Stock Air Cleaner cover better so I bolted it over the top of the K&N filter that came with the Thunder Air Kit. This allowed me to put the factory cover back on the left side. I thought the left side was to barren.
  5. "M" Poses for the Camera #2

    "M" sporting her new Kuryakyn Small Bullet Turn Signals
1-7 of 7 Results