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  1. New Member Pitstop
    So, my Suzuki GS500E cut out as if it wasn't getting fuel all of a sudden when I was riding on the freeway, with only a little warning with the bike reducing power slightly then going back to normal at the start of the ride. It wont start at all now, I can't get any signs of fuel getting into...
  2. Suzuki
    Hi There, I am looking for a workshop repair manual for the Suzuki gs550T from 1987. Does somebody have an idea how to get it, because I can not find the correct book on the internet. Thanks, Stephanie
  3. Cruisers
    hi I have a 1983 gs450L(a) and i am stuck swapping my old rectifier. I was expecting to be able to match wire to wire and re-tap them, but the new rectifier is a different version(2015). The main wire I am confused on is the B/W that connects from my old rec(goes to igniter box&further up), not...
  4. Suzuki
    I have an 82 GS300L which i acquired about a year ago. The bike wasnt ran in a couple years before i purchased it. I cleaned the carbs, replaced fuel and battery and it started right up. The problem im having is that when i get up into 3rd and up, its bogging down and there isnt any power. I...
  5. Bikes For Sale Street or Other
    Suzuki GS 400 1992 Please check it out on ebay: 1992 SUZUKI BLUE GS 400 full MOT Great reliable runner 500 beginner | eBay I've had this bike roughly 2 years, it was my first bike which I learnt to ride before upgrading to my GSXR. The bike is in really good condition for the age and...
1-5 of 5 Results