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  1. Chirping/Screeching noise coming from front of bike and I can not figure it out !

    SV Doesn't Mean Silicon Valley
    'So in the last few days I've noticed this chirping or screeching noise coming from the front of my bike. I am going to describe the sound the best way I can Ill start the bike and let it warm up as usual and not jumping on and going until it reaches about 95 degrees and that's when I go...
  2. Stalls after revving and when stopping

    Mechanics Corner
    I recently bought a 2007 Suzuki SV650 and it's my first motorcycle. After buying it i replaced the chain and did some minor tuning up to make sure the bike was in a good condition before i rode it. On the first ride the bike stalled multiple times when cold and warm. I've checked all the fluids...
  3. Clutch Adjuster Just Keeps Breaking! (2009 SV650s)

    Hi! For the 3rd time, this little part has broken on my bike. I'm pretty sure I'm not doing anything weird, just using the transmission to slow the bike on the grades in San Francisco. I think I've attached a pic successfully so you can see it. It's the thumb adjuster for the clutch cable. It...
  4. starting problems sv650

    Mechanics Corner
    hi, got problems with my suzuki sv650 2003 it cranks over but wont start its really wierd because i was out on it this morning and ran fine 12 hours later wont start, the only thing different is that i didnt let it warm up before riding it i was in a bit of a rush it started but cut out after...