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tail light

  1. gl 1100 tail light stays on

    rebuilding a gl1100 and somewhere along the way, the wiring got messed up or something. the tail light stays on. the only way to turn it off is to disconnect the wires. any ideas what happened? tia
  2. Help! Suzuki 1982 gs750 wiring issues!

    Hello all, I am new to this so bare with me! I recently bought a 1982 Suzuki GS750 and it has the rear fender and blinkers off the bike. (old owner was making it a cafe racer) I enjoy the classic style so I wanted to put them back on. As I was wiring them back in everything went great...
  3. Tail light problem: filaments reversed, Honda Dominator

    New Member Pitstop
    Hi everyone , On my Honda Dominator '96 the large filament in tail light globe burns bright when headlight on and the small filament comes on when brake applied. So the tail light is very bright and you don't notice the brake light coming on at all. Do you think reversing the contacts in the...
  4. 2002 DR200 - tail light and right blinker have no response!

    While riding someone indicated to me that my rear lights were out. Upon inspection I realized my tail light & tail right blinker do not stay on. I have verified the bulbs are good and for some reason the left blinkers and front work fine. The front right blinker does stay on but no blink when...