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  1. What's the best tire brand DUNLOP, AVON OR WHAT ?(cruiser bike)

    The Boulevard
    Hi there quick question regarding tires for a cruiser bike ( I ride a 2013 Suzuki Boulevard c90t)I came across to different opinions regarding tires some people say PILOT MICHELIN are the best ,others mention DUNLOP 404 and a lot mention AVON as the best of all ,I need some more opinions pls...
  2. M50 Tire load limit

    Just bought my first bike a 07 M50 and need to know how much load the tires can actually take with 2 up. Looks like the rear is a IRC Grand High Speed GS-23R 77H
  3. When it's time for new rubber

    The Boulevard
  4. Pirelli Night Dragon

    Marauder M50 Secret Hideaway
    Is any one running the Pirelli Night Dragon tires? If so what do you think... Also what is everyone else running
  5. Need to replace my tires. Bias vs. Radial, what would you recommend?

    Marauder M50 Secret Hideaway
    This is my first motorcycle and I need to replace the tires now. I have read a bit about both types but want to get opinions. Is one recommended for the M50 over the other? Thanks!
  6. New rubbers

    Well, I just upgraded to a '98 Intruder, what a beauty! I feel the urge to say a prayer of repentance, however, because I practically stole the bike. (When you combine the off-season, bad economy, and a poor chap going through a divorce trying to sell off all his toys before the ex...
  7. Nitrogen in Tires - general

    Mechanics Corner
    What do you guys think about putting nitrogen in your tires vs regular air? Think it is worth paying 10 bucks per tire to ensure that the pressure will stay longer and that the dryness will not cause any issues with the rubber? I think it is pretty good, since any issue with your tires can be...