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  1. The Boulevard
    I have a 2007 S50 and I've been wondering what the largest size tires width wise I can fit on the factory spoke wheels? I still want it to be rideable. Best tire choice for minimal distance driving? I might even like to get white walls since my bike is white. Might look cool? Original sizes are...
  2. The Paddock
    Hi all! I am a relatively new rider- took the safety course with my mom almost 3 years ago (we were two of the only girls besides one other in the whole class), and we both got bikes right after- yay! My mom went right for a (in my opinion) fairly large Triumph bike (don't remember the model...
  3. Mechanics Corner
    Is there something wrong with my motorcycle? Or do people think there is something wrong with it? I have a Lifan LF200 (iii) motorcycle and the top speed is 75. I have a 35 tooth rear sprocket and 14 tooth front sprocket. I have the conical airfilter unlike the stock airbox. I also have a Sheng...
1-3 of 3 Results