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used 2000 suxuki gsxr600
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    I got a 2000 gsxr600 with about 30,000 miles. I just replaced my battery about 20 miles ago and I was riding with no issues and my bike shut off mid riding and now when I turn the key there isn’t no reaction as if I never turned the key no power no nothing. Anyone have any ideas on what it is ?
  2. Sportbikes & Sport-tourers
    hi all, i'm about to buy a used '00 gixxer w/ very low mileage. upon inspection, i noticed that there was oil leaking (minor enough not to reach the floor, just the nut) from the crank case, which the owner did not even know. according to her, it was downed just once, but only while moving it...
1-2 of 2 Results