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  1. 2009 Yamaha V-Star 1100 Custom Low Miles

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    2009 V-star 1100 custom. Excellent condition. less than 8,000 miles. SOLD Please delete post or tell me how to delete. thanks.
  2. 2006 VStar 1100 running rough, will not run without choke

    I have a 2006 VStar 1100 with straight racing pipes, and a hypercharger. I had it rejetted a few months ago (was running lean) and it has been running fine. A couple of weeks ago it died as I was pulling out of my driveway, restarted then died again further down the road, it bump started, it...
  3. 03 V Star 1100 headlight & running lights not working

    V-Star ship the enterprise
    I have an 03 star 1100 I did some mods to my turn signals. I have been able to get all my lights to work except my headlight and front running lights, however the turn signals all work. I have replaced a burned out headlight fuse and checked the bulb. Nothing is burned out or disconnected. Bike...
  4. 2007 VStar 1100 starting problem

    Mechanics Corner
    I have posted a video below of what is going on... any suggestions? I have been told the fuel pump, and starter cluth possibly. Also there is a ticking noise when the bike is running, everyone says valves BUT the bike only have 6000 miles on it. Could a bad fuel pump cause the ticking? Thanks!