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  1. Honda CB400T Winter Storage - HELP

    Hello Everyone, I am a new rider and unfortunately the season has come to an end. This is my first time under going winter maintenance so I just thought I'd try to get some insight from all of you more experienced riders. Firstly, I was told at my local shop to drain my carb. I have been...
  2. 2007 GS500 First summer after winter storage

    Hi new to the forum here. I bought a used 2007 gs500 last summer and road it till september when I had to put it away because I was leaving for school. I cleaned it, changed the oil, ran some fuel stabilizer through it, disconnected the battery, and put it away on its center stand till last...
  3. winter storage

    I live in NYC & was wondering, what should be the process for storing my bike for my first Winter in NYC.