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  1. Honda
    rebuilding a gl1100 and somewhere along the way, the wiring got messed up or something. the tail light stays on. the only way to turn it off is to disconnect the wires. any ideas what happened? tia
  2. Mechanics Corner
    I've got my hands on a Kawasaki KZ 440. I'm rewiring it right now, but I can't figure out what this cable is for. It comes up from close to the starter, and goes back into whatever this is I drew an arrow to. (see photo @ bottom) When looking at the wiring diagram (see link)...
  3. Suzuki
    Hello, all! I'm in the process of turning my gs650 into a cafe/brat and I recently deleted the fender and relocated my tail lights and got a new tail light. It's a 9 LED bar light that I'd like to use. Now, the issue I'm having is that there are 3 wires coming from the bike and 2 on the new...
  4. Suzuki
    So I am actually extremely new in the motorcycle world and have no experience fixing engines or messing with electrical wiring inside of a bike. That being said, I bought a new set speakers for my bike that use a dc hookup straight from the amp to go on to the battery. Would it be better to just...
  5. Suzuki
    I am the new owner of an '87 Suzuki Intruder VS700GLH. It ran great when I test drove it, and for the nest two hundred miles or so afterwards. My brother called me, and told me he heard a, "pop," like a backfire, then it died. I picked it up with my trailer and took a look at everything. First...
  6. Mechanics Corner
    Hi I'm new to this site and am needing help/advice on some wiring things on my 1982 gs750e. I bought the bike as a learning experience to get into bikes and the guy I bought it from did a lot of stuff ie bypassing the clutch safety, cutting off the blinkers, and cutting the ignition switch so...
  7. Cruisers
    So the previous owner did a nice hack job on this bike and I'm restoring it into a bobber/chopper. They had ape hangers on the bike and I noticed the blinkers didn't work and was missing a low beam for the headlight but have high beam and the horn didn't work so I opened up the switch and it...
  8. Honda
    I just got a Honda Magna 700 with a melted connector for the stator. The terminals came out of the connector and i dont know which is which. They are 3 yellow wires and I cant see which went to which. Anyone know how to match them up?
  9. Mechanics Corner
    I just came across this forum today and after a few reads discovered there is a wealth of knowledge here. With that said I recently have come into a problem that is making my head spin. I have a 1983 Honda CB550SC (Nighthawk) that is starting to act up. I am thinking it is a broken wire, but am...
  10. Suzuki
    I have a Suzuki gs450 engine, i dont know the year or model but the number on the motor is GS450-130177. Can anyone tell me the details about that number? What it all comes down to is findind an accurate wiring diagram for it. Thanks to anyone that can help.
1-10 of 10 Results