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wont start

  1. '95 GS500 has mechanics stumped

    New Member Pitstop
    So, my Suzuki GS500E cut out as if it wasn't getting fuel all of a sudden when I was riding on the freeway, with only a little warning with the bike reducing power slightly then going back to normal at the start of the ride. It wont start at all now, I can't get any signs of fuel getting into...
  2. 1980 gs550 no spark whatsoever

    Mechanics Corner
    I have a 1980 gs550, I am not bike expert, but feel like I can diagnose problems regularly. However, I was riding down the road and my bike suddenly died. I couldn't get it started and realized I was getting no spark whatsoever, so I started running through a list of items I thought it could be...
  3. 98 xr200 wont start

    so i got this bike 3 days ago from a guy on craigslist that said he was a certified honda mechanic and the bike was in "a1" condition. it turns out this was obviously not the case. at first kicks, the bike would not idle, but would ride if you kept giving it gas. i rode the bike for about 2...
  4. 98 katana turns over but wont start but will start when i push start it

    98 katana turns over but wont start but will start when i push start it. my brother had drop it at 30 mph on the right side i had to replace the cover that goes over the signal generator. after i replaced the cover it would trun over but not start so i pushed it and it started right up it and...