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yamaha v star 1100

  1. 1999 yamaha v star 1100 dead cylinder!!

    I need help guys and gals, I just bought a 1999 Yamaha v star 1100 and its only running on the rear cylinder. sent it to a shop and paid $475 and still nothing, they did the carbs plugs gas all that. it is getting fuel and spark but no bang??? please help with any ideas!!
  2. 2007 VStar 1100 starting problem

    Mechanics Corner
    I have posted a video below of what is going on... any suggestions? I have been told the fuel pump, and starter cluth possibly. Also there is a ticking noise when the bike is running, everyone says valves BUT the bike only have 6000 miles on it. Could a bad fuel pump cause the ticking? Thanks!
  3. Vstar 1100 starting problem...need some help

    Mechanics Corner
    Hello all, First off I just bought this bike, it is a 2007 Yamaha Vstar 1100 with 6000 miles on it. It ran wonderful for the first week, but then after trips usually longer than 30 minutes, the bike would have a problem starting back up when hot/warm engine. I have only had a problem with it...
  4. Spongy Rear brake :-/ anybody?

    Mechanics Corner
    Hi people, I have a 2004 yamaha v star 1000. Got it a month and a half ago. Love it! The rear brake was ok until it just happened out of the blue, not sure how, but the rear brake became spongy. Here it what happens: First time i brake, the lever goes all the way down and doesnt brake properly...