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'02 SV650 Won't start

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The bike ran fine. I pull into garage and lower the sidestand with bike in gear and clutch in. Engine stops. I tell myself to remember this in the future. I'm a new rider and have owned the bike for 2 weeks. Anyway, next morning the bike won't start. Bike is in neutral, engine stop switch is set to run and nothing. The lights come on bright and horn is normal. When trying to start there are no clicks. I tried checking for voltage from the starter relay when the starter button is pushed. No dice. Has this happened to anyone? I think it is one of the safety switches like on the clutch or sidestand. Because there is no power going to the starter relay, does this mean that I can not get it rolling and pop it into 2nd? Do the safety switches kill the engine totally? If no one has a fix, I have an appointment on Friday but hoped I could get it started by method above instead of renting U-Haul. I have swapped the fuse for the ignition and I have unplugged the saftey switches for both the sidestand and clutch to complete the circuit with a paperclip. Any help is appreciated.
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I have tried sidestand up and clutch in, side standdown and clutch in, all of this while in neutral. I used to start it in neutral, clutch out.
Being a new rider I too had a routine to start by bike. Bike in neutral, kill switch to run and hit starter button with chock set so that idle was at 3000. In 3-5 minutes it would be at 4000 and I would turn chco off and the bike was ready. Tomorrow I will get it moving and pop it in 2nd to see if the engine will start. The result may shed some light on the problem.
Ok. This is the last ditch effort. The closest bike shop wants a minimum of $140 to diagnose the bike. That will be applied to the total cost. I have no voltage going into the starter relay. In the service manual it lists the eight causes as:
· Faulty ignition switch
· Faulty engine stop switch
· Faulty clutch lever position switch
· Faulty neutral switch
· Faulty turn signal/side-stand relay
· Faulty started button
· Poor contact of connection
· Open circuit in wire harness

The starter button and engine stop switch are one unit. Someone told me to disconnect the engine stop switch to see if the bike would start but since they're connected it kills the starter switch. If I disconnect this and push start should it start with ignition on? It won't with it connected. One of those eight are breaking the current. Any help would be great. I have my permit, passed the MSF so license will be hand soon. This will the last week I will mess with this.
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