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04' Busa - install a yoshi 4-in1

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Hi there:
I finally decided to get a yosimura 4 in 1 for my Busa and I would like to install it myself. I was wondering if anybody out there has experience and could give me some advice. I did some small work on bikes before and I'm confident about the exhaust. I just have no experience with fairings....
You input is appreciated!!
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Make sure you get to every fastener and remove the fairings. Your gonna need to wiggle it some to get the front to release but it is simple. Once you get them off remember to put some tape around the tabs so that when you put it back on there is less of a chance of scratching something. Good luck.

this site has a couple ideas of what to do to your ride, and pretty good instructions on his mods as well.
hmm, works for me. try google for fastsjonny
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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