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04' Busa - install a yoshi 4-in1

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Hi there:
I finally decided to get a yosimura 4 in 1 for my Busa and I would like to install it myself. I was wondering if anybody out there has experience and could give me some advice. I did some small work on bikes before and I'm confident about the exhaust. I just have no experience with fairings....
You input is appreciated!!
:roll: :roll:
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Thanx precarious!! The Mom shows a pic with most of the fasteners, but I didn't know how hard it really would be. You made me feel better about the project. I'll get the system in beginning next week and want to make it a weekend project. After that my baby goes in for a power commander and a remapping. Any idea how many hp that will give me?

:) :)
Thanx guys! Got my work cut out I guess. The link you posted doesn't go through - any ideas?

1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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