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I have a few things going on with this recently purchased bike.
The first issue I noticed is a slow drain on the battery. (parasitic drain) Nothing major. Was charging it back up to keep riding. Then after a short ride (maybe 20 miles) the bike stalls at a yield where I was waiting on a car, and the bike wouldn't restart. Cranked really well. Had plenty of battery but wouldn't start. I pushed it home. Coolant was a tad low so I thought maybe a temp sensor was preventing the restart. Bike started up just fine the next morning.

The only info I could find that described the stall and not restarting suggested the ignition coils were the problem and replacing them had fixed the issue. So I ordered a set, and removed the tank to get an idea of what replacing them would require. As I wait for the new coils, I decide to try and figure out the battery drain issue. So I put the bike back together. Plug in all the various connections and lines. The fuel connection under the tank (its a pinch connector) was challenging and seemed to slide up pretty far.
I ran out of time at this point and decided to take it for a ride. When I turn the key the usual whir of the fuel pump didn't happen. The bike eventually started and idled. It took several tries as it would start and die fairly quickly. Got changed into riding gear, went to start it and once again it starts and dies but ends up just turning over but not starting. Theres a new clicking noise I hear after I stop trying to start it. Clicking seems to come from under the seat on my right side.
I suspect several things are at issue here and need some feedback to help dial in where to start looking. Not sure what other info I need to add. The battery was fully charged. Bike wanted to start. Turned over strong but isn't starting now after several "almost's" I need to check the fuel connection under the tank.
There is very little info about these Marauders on the internet. I know its a Mean Streak at its core, but still not much that I can find. I welcome any feedback that helps point me in a good direction. Thanks in advance

I have finally been able to do some multimeter testing and I think I have narrowed it down to reserve switch on the fuel pump assembly being bad. The bike has power through and into the fuel pump, but the reserve switch does NOT have continuity, and the black wire that is attached inside the fuel pump assembly (FPA) from the Red/Black to the chrome end piece of the FPA (don't know what its called) appears to be damaged but is still connected.
I'm trying to figure out what this chrome piece at the end of this boogered up wire is, and I need to know if/how I can repair the damaged wire? Or do I need to replace this chrome piece entirely? If so what is it, and how do I get ahold of one? Adding a pic shortly to
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hopefully help this make better sense
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