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Looking to sell my 06 Triumph Scrambler, Caspian Blue, 1K miles, mint condition.
Mods I’ve made/purchased:
TORS(Triumph Off Road Silencers), installed with jet kit
New Bonneville Superbars, not yet installed
Beston vintage grips, not yet installed
A/I removal kit (air induction), not yet installed
Metzeler Lazortec front, Metzeler MEZ2 rear.
I live in Western MA and would be willing to deliver the bike up to 200 miles away for $50.00.

Long story, I'll try to make it short. Bought my first bike (I'm 55) this spring a 1974 Suzuki GT185, had a blast learning how to ride, but I'm 6' 1" 220 lbs and the bike was too small and as its 34 years old, I was having trouble finding parts. Then I saw the series "Long Way Round" about two guys who go around the world on bikes and I got the bug.

Started looking at bikes and when I saw the Scrambler I fell into the "nostalgia" thing, I'd seen so many of them back in the 60's. And as it was touted as a dual purpose bike, I bought it.

Reality check, its 865 cc's weighs 480 lbs and is really meant for the road. Also, as I'm being honest, this bike has a lot more power than I need or want.

Side bar I'm moving back to Oregon in 16 months and I want a bike that I can take on the fire trails and gravel roads back home.

So I'm going to buy a Suzuki DR650, considered by many to be the perfect dual purpose bike. Well there you have it, it may be crazy, but it's the truth. The bigger truth is that after paying $8800.00 for bike and mods, this may be the most costly mistake I've ever made. You can have this bike for $6500.00, $2300.00 less than I paid for it this summer and it comes with the balance of the 2 year warranty
Please email me @ [email protected] with any questions.
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