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1000 Km

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I finally hit 1000 km. I will be taking it to the dealer in the morning. The weather has been a lot better around here lately, plus 13 yesterday. Most of the snow is gone; still have ice in the rivers.
I must have seen about 80 bikes around town yesterday, it was perfect weather for riding. I only had seen one young kid with no gear, just a t-shirt. I thought that he was pushing his luck because the cages are still not use to seeing the bikes out yet.
I took my son out after school he was laughing the whole time. :)
When we got back he had the look on his face that said it all :mrgreen: I asked him "how was that" he said "my but is numb" and smiled more.
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Hunter said:
we going out for a cruse this weekend? It is going to be nice.

Hey, this is not a dating service you know!

Yeah, my psychiatrist told me that he should increase my medication...
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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