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1000 Km

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I finally hit 1000 km. I will be taking it to the dealer in the morning. The weather has been a lot better around here lately, plus 13 yesterday. Most of the snow is gone; still have ice in the rivers.
I must have seen about 80 bikes around town yesterday, it was perfect weather for riding. I only had seen one young kid with no gear, just a t-shirt. I thought that he was pushing his luck because the cages are still not use to seeing the bikes out yet.
I took my son out after school he was laughing the whole time. :)
When we got back he had the look on his face that said it all :mrgreen: I asked him "how was that" he said "my but is numb" and smiled more.
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My son “Codie” is 9 and I will have a hard time riding by myself this summer, he loves it. My wife is ok with the fact that he goes with me. I have been taking him out on three and four wheelers ever since he was about 2.

Just before we got back home yesterday my wife heard fire trucks and ambulances going by the house and it really bothered. She thought maybe something happened to us.

Trapper, I am just getting the service done, that is all I can afford for now, are we going out for a cruse this weekend? It is going to be nice.
I know, but the ladies in here get pissed off when you bug them :)

Hello my name is Brad and I am a :leg2: :sry: I cant help myself :mrgreen:
1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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