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1400 Intruder No Electrical Power ?

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Rode my 94 Intruder up to the gas station today to get gas during lunch. Ran perfect as always. Filled up with gas, and turned key on to start, but got no power, no electrical power what-so-ever. :x I am confused. :? I have checked the fuses on the main panel on the left side.

Can anyone help me or has anyone seen this? Better yet, can anyone point me in the right direction in fixing it. I figure it has to be something with the system power. I have not checked the battery as of yet as I am working on getting it back home, however, it is a new battery about 2 months old...not that it could not be that. Just trying to give as much detail as possible to help you guys/gals help me... :lol:


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Good news. Many are having trouble with the system going totally dead. I solved mine. There is a black wire that goes directly to ground from the battery BUT the one that feeds the systems is a spur connected to it. It is black and white. I suspect I pulled it apart removing/replacing the rear carb.
I accessed one of the B/W connections at the tail light in the rubber thing behind the big rubber box under the seat.I jumpered from the tail light feed to engine ground and IT IS ALIVE, ALIVE ! Now waiting for the battery to charge. Then I can see if cleaning the rear idle jet solved my original problem. If I can´t access the ground socket without disassembling the scoot, will run an auxillary to ground from a B/W wire
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