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17T Sprocket Is On!

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I pulled the 16T and installed the 17T ealier this evening. It took 30 minutes and then I went for a short spin.
The bike spent a little more time going through each gear, as expected, and it didn't feel too "heavy" down low. My 03 Marauder has a Vance & Hines exhuast system, K&N's and the carbs have been re-jetted. On a bone stock Marauder, the results may be slightly different.
With the 16T, I took my bike for a 100 mile ride through the mountains and it performed fine. I'm going to take the same route and see how it does with the 17T. I have a feeling the results will be favorable and I'll probably keep the 17T on it.
Here's a pic of all three sprockets.

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Thanks for keeping us up-dated Matt. Is the switch over something you would recommend as a temporary thing, should one be taking a long road trip, or is the job hard enough that you wouldn't want to do it back and forth every couple of months?
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