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17T Sprocket Is On!

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I pulled the 16T and installed the 17T ealier this evening. It took 30 minutes and then I went for a short spin.
The bike spent a little more time going through each gear, as expected, and it didn't feel too "heavy" down low. My 03 Marauder has a Vance & Hines exhuast system, K&N's and the carbs have been re-jetted. On a bone stock Marauder, the results may be slightly different.
With the 16T, I took my bike for a 100 mile ride through the mountains and it performed fine. I'm going to take the same route and see how it does with the 17T. I have a feeling the results will be favorable and I'll probably keep the 17T on it.
Here's a pic of all three sprockets.

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Trapper, a lot of that depends on the rider, and the type riding he or she may do. The swap is easy enough to do if you wanted to change sprockets though. It does require several different hand tools, and the sprocket nut needs to be tightend to 83ft-lbs of torque. So I would suggest changing it out before you get ready to ride.

md2, I loosend the chain up all the way which made the removal and installation of the sprocket very easy.
Not sure...that sprocket is probably a universal type which may be used on other makes/models.
Dennis Kirk, 14 bucks plus shipping.
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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