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i got this moped form the neighbor to help him get it going. well, i got spark and i can get it to run by spinning it up with a drill. what i need is some help or ideas on the reed valve assy. the reed valve petal is not factory and it does not cover the inlet very well so i need to find a new petal or fine some blank stock to see if i can make one. on this unit the petal now covers the outside area and the inside area is recessed some. so if anyone happens to know of a part or blank stock i can make one please send that info along. see the pictures and tell me if i wrong? the first photo is a new unit and the petal set down inside the raised area. mine set on that raised area. see they are not seated the 2nd and 3rd are with then flipped over in the 3rd photo. the 4th shows the recessed area that i think the petals should be setting in like the 1st photo that shows that. the 5th shows how they are setting the area they are covering. i think that is not correct. i get tons of blowback thr the carb. and when i did have it running it will not idle or start with the cick start. it has 75 psi compression and that is not good but if i can't get these petals figured out new rings are pointless. can anyone here help me out? thanks

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