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1990 Ignition removal for a 750 Katana?

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Bought a 1990 Katana 750 that needs to have the ignition (where the key goes) replaced and I have never done it on a bike before. I could just have a new key made, but I want make sure the engine is good before I do that since I have another Katana I can swap ignition and keys with. I bought the 1990 on the cheap without keys and not knowing the full extent of the engine (though they said it was very good).
I appreciate anyones help with this...or is there a way to start it without keys? Jumping something? I thank you in advance for your replys and the clearest detail possible.
OR, If someone has a diagragm, please just e-mail it to me. [email protected]
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Usually the ignition is on a pigtail with a connector about six inches up the wire so you don't need to cut it off.
Sweet, glad to hear. I don't know much about motorcycles but I know that because one of the first things I did with my bike was lose the one and only key ;) Of cource once I had pulled the ignition and had an appointment with the dealer to take the ignition to them to get a duplicate key I found the original.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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