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1994 Yamaha V-Max, with EZS Sidecar. Sidecar seat is about 30 inches wide so can easily accommodate two children or two small adults. Huge trunk on the car. Trailer hitch on the sidecar and is already wired to pull a trailer if you need more space. Two auxiliary gas tanks under the body of the car hold a total of 11 gallons. With the 4 gallon tank on the bike you have a total of 15 gallons of fuel. A valve on the fuel lines let you select fuel from the bike or fuel from the car aux tanks. A visual fuel gage on the car tanks let you know when you’re getting low on gas. Brand new windshield (still with protective wrap on it) for the car included. All lights, horn, turn signals function, except one marker light on the car,

Leading link custom front end from England. Front wheel is a modified Saab car wheel. Automotive tires on the front and back wheels and on the car wheel. Billet-6 (6 piston) calipers on the front and rear bike brakes. Brembo brake on the car. Braided steel brake lines all around. 12 volt Powerlet style power outlet on the bike. Two seats for the bike. The original,stock seat and also a custom touring seat with back rest made by Corbin Seats. Full Hannigan fairing with lowers and storage on each side of the upper section.

Carbs have been fully disassembled and cleaned
New carb intake tubes
New spark plugs
Bike brake calipers just rebuilt with new pistons, seals, and brake pads
New battery
Fresh engine oil, final drive oil, brake fluid, and coolant change
New final drive about 6,000 miles ago
New clutch about 10,000 miles ago

Approximately 76,000 miles on the bike. With the modified car wheel on the front the speedometer/odometer runs about 15% fast so odometer mileage is not exact.

Car seat in good condition, but overall interior needs updated.
Canvas top for car is still usable, but showing some wear
Touring seat cover showing wear on the left side only from rider and passenger getting on and off on that side only.
Carbs still need some sorting out. I disassembled and cleaned them, but I’m not a good tuner.
Sidecar brake currently inoperable, but not really needed with 3 great disc brakes on the bike.
Normal cylinder compression for a V-Max is 199 psi with 170 psi a minimum. A recent check on this bike showed:
Cylinder 1 - 187 psi
Cylinder 2 – 157 psi
Cylinder 3 – 185 psi
Cylinder 4 – 162 psi
When I put a small amount of motor oil in the plug hole of number 2 and 4 the compression reading went up to 175 and 195 respectively.

Other than that, this is a great sidecar rig with a lot of potential. I hate to see it go, but I’ve got too many bikes now and have already purchased my next sidecar rig to play with.

Feel free to call/text Floyd at 636-795-9232.


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Interesting setup.

This is not primarily a "For Sale" site, however.

The For Sale forums are there mostly for the participating members.

Please consider sticking around and participating in the future. :bluethum:
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