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1995 Suzuki Katana 600 won't keep running

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I bought a used Katana 600 this weekend. It has the K & N jet kit, K & N exhaust and K & N air filter. When I bought the bike, it ran ok but the guy told me it needed to be driven hard and blown out because it had been sitting for a while. Boy was he right. I drove it hard and afterwardsm this thing screamed. Drove the rest of the night with no problem. I started it the next day and drove it again with no problem. Noticed I needed more gas so I pulled over to a gas station and filled up on 93 octane gas. Started the bike and ran it for about 5 minutes and it died. Now it won't run continuious for over 3 minutes, hard to start and idles very rough. THe bike has always had problems idling rough out of first gear. I really had to wind it up a bit to take off in first. After that, it ran fine. Now after the fill up, it doesn't run continously at all plus, it idles rough. Could it be plugs? Can you guys suggest where I should start?

Please Help
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Does that thing have a vent or vent tube? If so, It could be plugged or kinked. I'll bet that is what it is.

- Nut
What Nut is thinking is that your Fuel tank is not venting air in to replace the fuel going out. If this is the case open the tank cap and run it for a bit and see if it stalls or if it stays running. If it stays running then you know the tank vent which is located under the tank itself is clogged and not letting air to pass into the tank.
Guys, thanks for the help on this. Yesterday, I used the owners manual to change the spark plugs on the bike. 3 of the 4 plugs were in awful shape. Totally black. After putting in new plugs, the bike started but still idled rough and wanted to cut off. Going back to my auto mechanic days, at first I started thinking vacuum leak so, I broke out the carb cleaner to see if I could find one. Nothing. I then turned the throttle and saw movement between carb 2 and 3. Please forgive me but my elementary description but this is the 1st bike I have ever worked on. So I turned the throttle wide open and went crazy spraying carb cleaner in that specific spot and then all over all 4 carbs. I started the bike and it seemed like it was getting better. I shut the bike off and repeated this. Now the bike idles perfect. I drove it lastnight and it is strong as ever. I started it again this morning before coming to work and it cranked right up, never having to use the choke. Would you guys say I had very clogged carbs? Is this normal? Would clogged carbs cause the plugs to foul out? 18000 mile is whats on this bike. What is the proper way for cleaning carbs? I just hope this doesn't happen to often. Its a lot of work.
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Odd. Cleaning the carbs means that you remove them physically from the bike, disassemble them, and clean them. Spraying cleaner on the outside really SHOULDN'T do much, but, Hmmmm .. . .

FWIW: Those black plugs could indicate a very rich condition. I wonder if the bike was rejetted when the filters/pipe were installed.

- Nut
According to the owner of the bike, the k & N air filter, k & N exhaust and the K & N stage one jet kit was all done to the bike.
Running like sh-- again. Using the throttle to keep the bike running, I can take off and fly in every gear. When I let go of the throttle, the bike dies. the only way I can start it up afterwards it to turn the petcock to pri. It then starts and runs for a minute or two on its on. I then turn the petcock back to fuel and I can take off. As long as I am running, the bike runs fine and fast. The minute I come to a stop, the bike dies. If it was starving for gas, I would think it would bog at high speeds. I am about to give up and take it to a shop. Got a 2005 harley I've been negleting. I'll pull her out for a while why the Kat is in the shop. I hope it doesn't cost me a fortune. Any ideas on this guys. New plugs in the bike also.
Pilot jets are clogged, you may have managed to salvage some performance by getting some fresh fuel through the other jets but the pilot jets only operate at idle.

Get those carbs off and clean them properly already.
Had the same prolem with my 88 when started it after over a year. Small jets were clogged solid. Had to clean carbs like 4 times till all sediment gone from tank and its A1 now. Starts without choke every time and my plugs are 4 years old!! lol , only reason i havent changed em is cause i dont have a socket to fit in the holes need narrow walled socket or somin.
cranny said:
only reason i havent changed em is cause i dont have a socket to fit in the holes need narrow walled socket or somin.
You can buy those you know ! :wink:
Ummm . . . did you set the idle on the bike?

Had that happen on my 750 a couple of months ago. Used carbs that needed the idle set once installed.

- Nut
Thanks for your help guys. What methods do you guys use to clean your carbs, ie solution, on or off bike? Are they hard to take off? Will I need need gaskets on a 1995 katana 600? Sorry, I've never done this but I am mechnically inclined. Just want an idea of what I will run into..
Take them off the bike, strip the carbs down and clean everything possible before putting it back together you do not want to have to this twice. You should not need any new gaskets if you take them apart carefully. It probably wouldn't hurt to take the tank off and clean it out also.
How do you clean the tank out? What do you use?
Take the tank off, drain it, and fill it with fresh fuel.

If you think you have some gunk in the tank, then drain it again, filter the fuel (pour it through a coffee filter paper or a dish towel), and repeat the process a couple of times. Then re-install it and fill it with fresh fuel again.

EDIT: Keep in mind that you are working with gasoline - don't smoke, and work in a well-ventilated area. Try to avoid inhaling any fumes.
I realize I'm damn near 20 years late to the party but I cant help myself.......I mean goddamn this fuckin guy " umm uhh hi I myself personally am uhh very mechanically inclined ( I've got past auto shop knowledge) ummm yea I'm very inclined mechanically " lmfao same goddamn message " yea hi me again! You know mechanically inclined guy! Just a quick couple questions? How exactly would one go about cleaning out the fuel tank? Should I remove that and the carbs too you say! Jeesh! Sure I can't just put some Dawn Dish soap in the tank and run on the freeway or something! Oh you can't! Well do I have to take the carbs off or can I just spray wd40 at the boots on the outside?! " FML that guy was a fuggin riot! Hope your not dead mechanically inclined guy cause I'd feel like a real douchebag of so but just in case RIP big guy! Ride that 2005 Hog High in Heaven!
My name is Johnny Scargap and I approve this message! VI 6 Six
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