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1996 Katana OEM Parts

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I just bought a 1996 Katana 600 and I wanted to know if anyone knew where I could buy OEM parts online. I was looking but I am having problems finding them. I was hoping for a new windshield, mirrors and possibly new fairings...preferably primered instead of painted. I am going to use this as a project bike and I need to know where I can get good parts for a good price. Also, anybody got a good link where I can find a good HJC Helmet for a good price? I would prefer the new style with the flip open face.

Lemme know if you have any info on any of this.

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NoNafs said:,, and
as for the helmets check
ebay is always good, too.
Appreciate that. I may have solved my helmet crisis though, but I still need some good OEM parts.

Thanks again
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