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Hey, i have a 1998 rm 125, bought it second hand the other week. It ran great for a couple days but i get it down to our farm and it cranked right up, ran for 30 seconds then like bogged downand would not start. I took out the plug and it looked like it had been dipped in oil. so i clean it off and itll fire back up but does the same thing..
we took apart the carb and it was we had no idea what else to do..

i took it to a shop and the guy ther said all he can see wrong is the reed valves are weak and could be lettin in too much gas. my new reeds arent in yet but im wonderin, how hard is it to change them?? i mean that guy is one of those, im not gonna charge you if i cant get that bike runnin, so i figured id just change them. has anyone else had similar problems???
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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