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1999 GSXR won't start

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I pulled my bike out of the shed about a week ago and it started right up. I let it idle for about 10 minutes since it hadn't run for months. O yea, I have a 1999 GSXR 600. Then I shut the bike off and went inside, came out 30 min later to go a ride and the bike wouldn't start. It still wont start. I changed the spark plugs which were wet with gas. I figured it was prob the CDI box since the plugs were not getting any spark. My buddy has the same bike so I took his CDI box and tried it and it still didn't start. I put my CDI box on his bike and it started right up. Then I got a book on the bike and tried everything it said. I tested almost every sensor I could find including the TPS sensor, crank shaft sensor, kick stand sensor, etc. according to the OHMs meter everything was fine. I then took the kill switch apart just to be safe and that was fine. There are no visible burnt or twisted wires. The bike will turn over (the starter works) but it will not start since there is no spark coming from the plugs. Anyone have any ideas?
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