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2000 SUZUKI - R600 please help to start

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some one please help me what is problem with 2000 gsxr600 . some time start some time not, when bike stared is run fine, when I shut off, and won't start back up. light , horn, fuel pump is working, i changed new battery, Push to start is start, when it not start leave it for over night then start right up.check killer switch is ok.electric start switch is good , but have no power , any Idea I need to replace..this is second bike that I have same problem.

Thank for you time
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Having a hard time reading your post.

New battery ok, power to some electricals yet you say no power.

When you say it doesn't start are you meaning that the starter isn't operating or the starter is working and the engine is turning over but doesn't fire ?

And here's a wild guess! Are you sometimes trying to start it in gear with the kickstand down other times with the kickstand up and/or in neutral ?.
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