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2001 Suzuki Savage 650

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Just got my first bike, used, and it didn't come with an owners manual. In the process of getting one, but does anyone know how much oil is supposed to be in there? Should I be able to see it when I take the cap off?

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How do we adjust it, because the wheel rubs when we have too much weight on the bike. Any help will be appreciated.
Check your tire size. We bought a '99 savage for my wife this spring, and we had the local dealer put new Dunlops on it right after we bought it. The catalog had the correct size as a 90-series profile tire (I later checked the Dennis Kirk web site, which also listed 90 series as the correct size).

The tire rubbed on the drive home, and after some investigation, it occurred to me to look at the little sticker on the swing arm Sure enough, it specified 80-series. The dealer made good on the tire -- found the same model/tread patter in the right size (catalog sez it's for a Honda 1100) and replaced it.
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