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2003 DR650SE OverHeat Probs...

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I bought my machine 6 months ago. It is since broken-in, had all its scheduled maintenance and is running fine. EXCEPT... It keeps overheating on me. It's an air-cooled machine with an oil cooler.

My question is this: Does anyone know if and/or where I can obtain a "beefier" oil cooler (perhaps a thicker one) for my machine?

Also, If you know of any other parts/tricks I can employ to cool this thing down, that would be a help as well.

Thanx in advance for the help.
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How do you know it is overheating, what are the symptoms??
Does it stop running? does it leak? etc...
You are in california, so make sure you haven't over filled the fuel tank and saturated the charcoal cannister, if you have done this it will need to go to the dealer, and the lines blown out and the cannister replaced, and don't overfill the tank. The float bowl gets it's venting from the evap (charcoal cannister) and if it is full of fuel it won't vent so the unit will stall and wont restart until the vacuum on the carb float bowl goes away.

Good luck,

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