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2003 GZ250 purchase

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I am out to buy a GZ250.. 2003 model in the morning with 27 miles on it. It was a trainer (wonder why only 27miles???) and they want $2100 for it. Good deal? or too good a deal?? I have never ridden. Hubby bought me a new Harley 883C sporty. I have dumped it in the mud already.. thought I better find something else to try to learn on... any suggestions... and comments???? :?: :idea: :?:
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We don't get the GZ in Australia but I just looked at it on the net. It appears to have an engine remarkably similar to that of my 1st bike - a 1985 Suzuki DR250SE...

Well if that's the case, 20 years manufacturing the same engine must mean it's even more bullet-proof than it was back then. I couldn't kill that motor, and it wasn't for lack of trying. So if you're looking at one 2nd hand, I don't think you can buy a lemon in the engine dept.

Just check for any crash damage. It may have been a 1st timer's bike and after 27 miles the rider may have had an oopsie and figured that motorcycling wasn't their caper after all. At least you've got the guts to get back on after the Harley episode...

A tip if you get this bike, as with any single cylinder, after the run-in period use a good quality engine oil and change a little more frequently than usual.

Happy riding
BTW - will you be going out on long rides with the hubby? If he rides anything over 250cc, and personally knowing this engine to rather asthmatic, have you considered a 2 cylinder bike?
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