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2004 GSX-r750 jerky throttle response and driveline lash ?

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I read in sports rider magazine the following:

"At low revs around town, it's virtually impossible to shift smoothly, as the jerky throttle and driveline lash combine to make for a rough ride unless you are either very aggressive or very gentle with the throttle'

I was seriously considering this bike but this sounds terrible. I was planning to use this bike to cruise around town (local roads and some highway). It does not seem that this is the bike. IBased on my research it seems the Honda CBR 600 is more refined.

Can anyone give me some feedback on whether the quote above is accurate statement about this bike. Thanks.
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GSXR750 Top speed

With my mods i've had mine at 181 mph. I never tried it before I had the Yosh and Power Commander.

I guess indicated. That's what it showed on my speedo. How do you find the other if i'm wrong? I realize that my speedo is off the faster I go, but didn't know by how much and how to correct it.

P.S. I've got stock sprockets on it.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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