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2004 GSXR-1000

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New to the board, just wanted to throw up my wheels. :twisted:
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Lets just say that the faster you go, the more stable the bike becomes. I can be doing 120mph and steer the bike with one hand. I don't recommend doing this, but these are the speeds this bike was designed for. "Own the race track" is Suzuki's sales pitch, this bike can easily be taken from the dealer to the track, and perform with exceptional agility and mind blowing speed. For these reasons, this bike is HIGHLY NOT recommended to novice riders; a slight slip of the right wrist can be unforgiving and potentially deadly, you need to respect this bike every time you sit on it. I've experienced the performance of a GSXR 750 and it was impressive, but the 1000, let's just say, it's not called a super bike for nothing. Sport bike of the year 2003, need I say more, :D ! Just think of the technology that has gone into the production of this machine, from the it's 150hp to it's 370lb weight. When I tell people what the bike weighs, it blows their mind. Ram air induction, engine placement vs. frame mount suspension, to all aluminum construction. Two words, mind blowing.
Anyway, I'd just like to end with this...I've been a firefighter/paramedic for 8 years, and I've scraped plenty of dip$hits off of the pavement. The most common cause of avoidable motorcycle accidents are, complacency and LACK OF RESPECT! If you don't respect these bikes, you already dead, you just don't know it yet!
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I think that it goes without saying that a novice rider CAN NOT take this bike out to the track without getting KILLED. :wink: This weapon, in the right hands, CAN be taken from the dealer, to the track and cause some serious damage. How's that....better?
I think I could take this bike to the track and kick some butt. I've had the bike for about 6 weeks, and have taken the rubber to the edge on the rear tire a dozen times. I have a few awesome set of back roads near my house, and lets just say I crapped my draws doing this maneuver the first time. I'll tell you, the bike was right there, like it was on a rail. There is one stretch of road where I can get into it with a right, quick left, and another gradual right, and man the bike feels like an extension of your body, it gives you feedback like you were running your hand over the pavement yourself. I had a Honda CBR600, and my new GSXR blows it away, in every way. The moral of the story is, I think, in the right hands, this bike can even impress a professional rider.
Your not talking to a novice, I have been racing bikes for about 10yrs, motor cross & street bikes, particularly a GSXR 750 on a road course, which I believe is a better all around bike than the 600 and the 1000. I bought the 1000, because I already have a 750. Not only have I been racing bikes, but I have a 2004 modified C-5 I race every chance I get, which is about twice a month. As a matter of fact, I have taken the bike to the track recently, pretty much stock, with the exception of the modified induction and the yoshi pipe, and the bike performed flawlessly. Point the finger in the other direction sister, advice is great if your willing to take it.
"Still it sounds quite weird to me that a racer would go as fast as you described to open to traffic streets..."

Can you please translate this? What sounds weird? Who said anything about traffic? I don't care who you are, if you own a street bike, you enjoy living on the edge, a speed junkie, regardless of how conservative you ride, or think you ride. If it's there, and you can use it, you'll get on it, end of story! I am not advocating the irresponsible use of these bikes, but let me tell you, I have scrapped up MANY people off of the pavement from motorcycle accidents, I am the last person who needs lecturing! :wink:
I have been a firefighter/paramedic for 7 years, I have seen $hit that would keep you up at night for weeks. I have seen more motorcycle accidents than probably anyone on this board. The freeky thing is that I have seen many GSXR 750 & 1000 wrecks, the bike I own. So the moral of the story is, I know what these bikes are capable of, and I can tell you just how they deteriorate in every considerable collision, TRUST ME! GSXR vs. pedestrian, GSXR vs. tree, GSXR vs. SUV, GSXR vs. gard rail, GSXR vs. Corvette, GSXR vs. Honda Civic, GSXR vs. fire hydrant....I could go on but you get the picture....:roll:
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